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One Tree Planted have a simple and clear mission, to make it easy for anyone and everyone to help the planet, through planting trees.

Their vision is to reinvent attitudes towards environmental action, through a positive and hopeful outlook. With core values including Simplicity, Innovation, and Experience, One Tree Planted are a global network of partners dedicated to changing the world, one tree at a time. Working in 5 main areas: North America, Latin America, Africa, Australia and Asia. Tree species are chosen specifically for the local habitat and are grown in nurseries within the nearby area. Only when conditions are right, are the trees planted, thus giving them chance for optimal survival.

Assistance is provided with restoring forests after major wildfires, repairing damage caused by industry, they even support the endangered Orca of the Pacific Northwest!

Here at Springer Interiors we have admiration and respect for the fantastic work One Tree Planted are doing, so we want to give back and support this worthy cause. This is where you, our valued customers, come in. For every product* you purchase with us, we are going to donate the funds for 1 tree to be planted! Therefore, you are directly helping this fantastic organisation accomplish their goals!

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Here are a group of children helping plant trees on a project completed in India early 2020. As you can see, they’ve done a great job! Children can learn much from the simple planting of a tree, it takes patience and hard work, but is ultimately worth it. Plus, it’s a great way to keep their little hands busy! Did you know? The Indian Fig Tree (Fiscus Bengalensis), is the national tree of India. Also, cars, buses, taxis etc.. are not allowed within 500 metres of the Taj Mahal to protect the surrounding air from pollution!

In 2019, One Tree Planted completed a project in Oregon. As you can see here, they carry many saplings with them and plant as they go. The projects cover vast areas, so this is a quick and efficient way to get the job done! Oregon has its very own state nut, the Hazelnut, which comes from a tree species that is part of the Birch family. Birchwood is used to make furniture and flooring. You may just have some in your own home….

Did you know? Oregon was the first state in America to ban the use of non-returnable bottles and cans. How fantastic is that for the environment!!

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A photograph can tell a thousand words. You can feel the happiness, gratitude and warmth coming out of this lady for the work that is being done. This was a project completed in Rwanda, 2018. In the Rwandan flag, the colour green represents prosperity which means ‘flourishing’ or ‘thriving’. Hopefully, the trees will flourish and thrive and provide happiness to this beautiful country. Also.. We love her T- shirt!

Did you know? Rwanda holds a ‘Car Free Day’ once every year to promote exercise and healthy living. Plus, its also great for the environment!

To find out more, and keep up to date with what One Tree Planted are getting up to,
you can visit their website: You can also sign up for
their newsletter here:

* One tree planted for every product on orders that include items from furniture collections only. This does not include orders that are for accessory items such as throws or scatter cushions etc only.

Dates for your Diary:

Earth Day – April 22nd
Biodiversity Day – May 22nd
World Environmental Day – June 5th

These are set days every year, so you don’t need to worry about changing it in your